The Alice and Kitty



As many of you know, the store has been knitting and crocheting for Alice's Embrace for several years. This wonderful organization collects lap blankets and prayer shawls and gives them out to seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia. We will once again be stitching together throughout the month of August to create blankets and shawls to give to Alice's Embrace. Kitty was my mother, whose birthday is in August.  She had a long decline from Alzheimer's and died two years ago. So in memory of Alice and Kitty, we stitch.  There is no fee for this event (see details below), but we will be collecting donations to help the organization with its ongoing costs. I will match any donations made.


Let's talk politics for a moment—most of you know that I do not delve into this subject in the store at all. It is often just too divisive and I usually shut down any political discussion quickly. That is just not what we are about. BUT right now supply lines for yarns that come from China are iffy at best, so I have made the decision to look at yarns with other countries of origin. That means prices will go up on some of our more inexpensive yarns. Besides being more sure of my supply, I feel it also means better pay for the workers involved. Off my soapbox now.



Weddings! How fun they are. My niece is getting married in early August and my son is getting married at the end of August so I will be in and out during the month.


Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl


September 19-22, 2019


It is not too soon to start planning your route!  The gift baskets look great. Check the website for information on the tote bag, places to stay, places to eat, and where all the shops are.  We are so excited!

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